Our facility features three beautiful barns with a total of 40 matted stalls, each equipped with its own fan. There are 14 paddocks with beautiful Kentucky four board fencing including 2 small therapy paddocks and 6 paddocks with run in sheds. Our main arena is an all-weather 150 x 300 ft ring laid with top of the line natural river sand footing. We also have a 110 x 150ft auxiliary arena and a 75 x 115ft lunging arena. Lush green hacking lanes boarder the property.


$800 . .

Full care board


$1,200. .

full training board

This service includes 5 rides per week plus grooming and other services.

$900 . .

strip horse board

This option includes conditioning, grooming, and show prep.

$1,500. .

Premium package

This package includes 3 rides and 2 lessons per week or any combination thereof. As well as grooming, mane pull, face clip and tacking up if needed.

$65 . . .

Per month

equine omega

Equine Omega is a complete Omega supplement used by many top horse trainers, competitors, horse owners and Veterinarians to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function and much more.

Billed at cost. Supplements are the responsibility
of the owner.




Priced at cost.

MOJO JOINT supplement

Mojo Joint Equine has a number of food grade ingredients that target all the elements of geriatric and performance horses. Mojo can also be used as a very effective preventative plan, which can delay and space out aggressive and expensive maintenance measures such as joint injections. No excuses, just results.

Billed at cost. Supplements are the responsibility
of the owner

Use of TheraPlate is $85 Dollars per month or $10 per session.

Late fees are counted as 10% of the invoice total if paid after the 5th of the current month